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Moriarty is still alive! There’s no use in the writers bringing him back and then having him be dead again. That’d be terrible writing. I think the show would lose its integrity.

so far the only…

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if only?? notre dame was real?????

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when you peel a sticker off something and it does the thing


the thing

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when you try to flick away a bug but it comes towards you instead


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Title: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Sped Up
Artist: FOB




I hate that gif for fitting the song perfectly

That should not have been that fun to dance to

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Enough about me, tell me about you

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I drew Brianna.

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Critically acclaimed and award-winning, THE FAYZ EIGHT is a brand new documentary about the eight biggest names to come out of the FAYZ, told completely by the people who lived through it. As the tenth anniversary of the FAYZ slowly approaches, camera crews take a peek inside what life is now like for the survivors and questions what the experiences was like. Come along and join Sam for a surf, tour Clifftop with Lana, watch as newly engaged couple Edilio and Roger plan their wedding, and more.

Filled from start to finish with interviews and personal stories from the most famous FAYZ survivors, THE FAYZ EIGHT is candid, terrifying, dark, and surprisingly heartwarming, as audiences look at the mystery that captured the teenagers—now adults—and the story that captured the world’s attention. 

"Breathtaking and inspiring. You will leave the theater pondering sacrifice, bravery, friendship, and life. True  heroes of our generation." -The New York Times

"You will cry, you will laugh, you might scream. Told honestly and bluntly, the story of the FAYZ is not for the weak-hearted, and the FAYZ eight prove to be the strongest people around." -USA Today

"Forget the FAYZ you think you knew. This movie is honest, real, and gritty, and hides nothing. A remarkable feat." - The Washington Post

(Starring: Hunter Parrish as Sam Temple, Jemima West as Astrid Ellison, Emmy Rossum as Diana Ladris, Tyler Posey as Edilio Escobar, Seychelle Gabriel as Lana Arwen Lazar, Larissa Wilson as Dekka Talent, Alexander Koch as Quinn Gaither, and Michael B. Jordan as Albert Hilsborough)

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